Jeyad Advisory is a boutique advisory firm that provides advisory and management services to its clients. Jeyad Advisory strives to offer its clients unique off-market business and investment opportunities in the region and globally. Jeyad Advisory has a rich global network that includes business experts, family offices, financial institutions, and high-net-worth individuals (HNWI).

The Business Opportunity

The world is filled with tremendous business opportunities today. Investors are no longer confining themselves to their local or regional markets. Investors are global today and are constantly expanding their geographical markets. Despite the unprecedented global connectivity, social media and mobile business, there are still major gaps for investors to access global business and investment opportunities, particularly when these are off-market opportunities. Moreover, the need to understand global markets and bridge the gap between different business norms and practices still exists. Jeyad Advisory aims to build bridges between investors and business opportunities. On one hand Jeyad advisory introduces regional investors to global business opportunities. On the other hand Jeyad Advisory also introduces global investors to business opportunities in the GCC market. Jeyad Advisory team is truly global with a vast network of deal sourcing professionals and a group of selected premium investors. In addition to bridging people together and bridging investors and opportunities, our team also has the expertise to bridge other gaps related to different business practices in different markets.

At Jeyad Advisory we work with our clients to ensure proper planning, detailed analysis and efficient execution of the business opportunity. Our deal sourcing services are based on the need of the client. We filter and analyse the deal flow to ensure quality and profitability. We also work with all the relevant parties to ensure that the business opportunity is catered to the needs of the investor. Structuring, analysis and many other advisory services are offered to take the business opportunity to the next level. We advise our clients before and after the investment is made to ensure a winning strategy that includes both short and long terms objectives.