Real Estate

Real estate investments are essential for the portfolio of any investor whether it is an institution or a family office. Our approach for real estate is to provide direct real estate investments for our clients. Our clients are global and our investment opportunities are also global. Our team is highly experienced in real estate investments and we provide all the essential advisory services related to real estate. We have many partners in different geographical regions that ensure our access to unique off-market deals. We work with the client to customize the opportunity by fine tuning the structure and finding the right partners.

Islamic Finance and Awqaf

Jeyad Advisory team is highly experienced in islamic finance from so many aspects. We are experts in developing islamic finance and islamic banking products. We provide a comprehensive view of any new product to ensure that the client is working with a well structured well documented product. Awqaf transactions are becoming popular all over the globe, and Jeyad Advisory team has a unique experience in such transactions. Sukuk structuring is also one of the areas where we advise our clients about. Also our team has a well established network of islamic banking institutions.


Technology advancements continue to surprise us and change our lives. Jeyad Advisory team has access to many companies with the latest technologies in several disciplines including: information technology and medical equipment technology. We provide many services related to these technologies in partnership with our global partners. We also provide our local clients with opportunities to establish joint ventures with some of the most advanced technology companies in the world.

Information Security

Jeyad Advisory provides specialized information security services to banks, financial institution, and other private and public organizations in the region. Jeyad Advisory team has experts in the banking information regulations that provides all the services requested by the regulator bodies in the region. Information security policies and procedures, ethical hacking, cloud security are some of the common services offered by Jeyad Advisory.